Zaevion Dobson Memorial Scholarship

zaeOn the evening of December 17, 2015, Zaevion Dobson, a Fulton High School sophomore, sacrificed his life protecting the lives of his friends when they were threatened by an act of gun violence in their neighborhood. The story of Zaevion’s untimely death and his heroic, selfless act quickly spread across the nation, carried by multiple news and social media outlets. Nationally, recognition for Zaevion came from the White House when, on January 5, 2016, President Barack Obama ended a speech detailing executive actions on gun control with Zae’s story, saying: “He gave his life to save theirs — an act of heroism a lot bigger than anything we should ever expect from a 15-year-old. Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Zaevion’s family, teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends describe him as an outgoing young man with an infectious sense of humor, a hard-working student committed to academic and personal growth. He was a compassionate and kind young man who possessed a sense of community and the qualities of a leader. His final act demonstrates his selfless and courageous spirit.

In order to preserve and honor the memory and legacy of our beloved student, Fulton High School will award annually the Zaevion Dobson Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2,400 to a graduating senior who exemplifies the character, spirit, and selflessness of Zaevion Dobson.